Repair G3 video (EN)

Par Pacis , Vincent (ch-vox)

Please note that following information is given for your own knowledge. This manipulation is a sensitive operation. You make it on your own risks. Neither Powerbook-fr nor iBook-fr can’t be responsible for what you do, and for any damage.

Now it’s up to you!

Redaction : Pacis

You’ll find there a method for repairing those famous iBook G3 Dual USB...


Apple Support Page says:

In summary, your computer can start up but the built-in and attached external displays exhibiting one or more of the following symptoms:
-  Scrambled or distorted video
-  Appearance of unexpected lines on the screen
-  Intermittent video image
-  Video freeze
-  Computer starts up to blank screen

typical example:



-  All those for taking the computer apart
-  Thermal paste
-  Plastic blocks
-  A small fin:

I bought a thermal pad. The resailer was dubative as he didn’t know which processor this pad was for. I’ve hesitated between alu and copper models, I’ve bought the alu (lighter but I won’t use a big piece...)

Here is the "beast":


I’ve taken a fin, I’ve cut the edges with single wire cutters (it’s easy to cut):


Then I’ve cut it in two parts (I had two fins so I could find the right thickness):


I begin with only one fin, and I spread some thermal paste on it:


I’m lucky because this fin is quite the same dimensions than the iBook’s GPU (Graphic Processor Unit). I’ve spread the paste with a small card.


Taking apart

Follow those instructions (FR) for taking your G3 iBook apart. Only unmount until the metal blade.


Why do I use blocks? Just because I need it for pressing the GPU against the motherboard. Look where the GPU is located on this shot: I’m going to fill this "place" up.


I put the fin between the GPU and the metal blade. I add some thermal paste for the contacts to be the better it can be:


I also add four little blocks (you’ll find them in any drugstore) on the metal blade’s top. Those blocks will be stuck between the metal blade and the white plastic part (upper case).


In detail



Let’s pray... It works!!